International Escort

That term ” International escort” is so overused today. Once upon a time, International escorts solely operated and were available through their websites. They were glam, yet discreet, high end escorts, that travelled by invitation. None of this touring rubbish.

Social Media

Enter Social media in the mix.

I personally am not a huge fan of social media. I have had a love/ hate relationship with the social media concept, and as much as I dislike the whole concept, I have had to accept that it is here to stay and to embrace it. Although, these days, I spend very little time on social media.

I am refocusing to doing things old school. As an experienced traveller, and lady in this  lifestyle, I have chosen to take back my privacy. That means, limit posts on social media for one.

Touring Escorts

Touring escorts in theory sounds great. But International Escorts that tour, rarely come out on top. You have to vigorously promote these tours, that means, there goes your privacy. it almost feels like a travelling one man brothel. Sure, for some thats great, if you are a numbers girl, but for others like myself, touring is not a pleasant experience.

I prefer, and always have even though i tried touring, to be available by invitation and private request. This allows me complete discretion. With touring, you don’t have that luxury unfortunately.

Interestingly, the discretion factor is more important where other escorts and agencies are involved. They stalk everyones social media accounts, and blatantly will copy. If you are going to Gstaad or Paris, suddenly they are going there too, a week before you strategically.

Thats just one example , but of course for some ladies touring is wonderful.

I am available to meet you worldwide as an International escort and travel companion. But only by invitation and request. Not on tour. I hope this explains it a little better why touring is simply not my cup of tea.

My LV bags and packed and ready to go. But this way, I can be as discreet as I want to and no one actually really knows when I am travelling, and where.

And thats the way I like it.


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